Monday, January 23, 2012

Tummy Tuck Post Operative Care


Steri Strips:  Continue wearing Steri Strips for 7-10 days after sutures are removed.  Blow dry strips after showering (warm air, not hot) and apply new strips every other day.  Residual moisture trapped under the Steri Strips can cause infection.

Drains:  Drains are left in for a period of 3-4 days to a few weeks.  Please remember to “milk” each drain prior to emptying the reservoir.  Never detach the reservoir from the tube.  Each reservoir must be recorded separately. 

Belly Button and Drain Wound Care:  Cleanse these sites twice daily with alcohol.  Use an alcohol-soaked Q-tip for the base of your belly button.  Apply Bacitracin ointment then cover loosely, just to keep the ointment from soiling your garment and clothes.  Continue this routine until each site is healed.

Back Pain:  Back pain is very common during the recovery period following a Tummy Tuck.  This is due to walking and standing in a hunched-over position.  Refer to “Back Spasms” in the Specific Post Op. Instructions in your Pre Op Booklet.  Try to get to an upright posture as soon as possible after the first week, but go at your own pace.  

Activity:  Refrain from exercise and strenuous activity for 6 weeks.  This keeps swelling to a minimum and helps to prevent a seroma.

Seroma:  This is a collection of fluid or localized swelling that your body cannot absorb rapidly enough.  Seromas are not too common but usually occur in the lower abdominal area just after the drains are removed.  The area will swell more than any other area to an obvious point.  Should this occur, Dr. Delgado will remove the excess fluid in the office.  Keeping your activity level at a minimum is a good preventative measure.

Garment:  Your garment should be worn day and night for six weeks, except for laundering.  It must be very snug at all times.  As your swelling subsides, a smaller garment may be needed.

Silicone Gel:  The Silicone Gel Sheeting may be used once the Steri Strips fall off or are removed (approx. 10 days after applied).  Silicone helps to achieve the best appearance of the incision line and prevent keloid scars.  Use the product only on healed incision line; not on broken skin, wounds or scales.  The Silicone should be used for at lease 2 months.


Before Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants
Post Op Outcome At six months

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